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South Florida Date Ideas - Get Creative and Personal



South Florida Date Ideas

Okay, so you made it past the first major hurdles! You found someone you were actually interested in (thanks, Barbara!), you survived any first date awkwardness, and you’ve managed to keep up positive communication for a couple weeks now. You’re now in what we’ve fondly nicknamed “the Third Date Zone” …

(Side note: if you want to fast forward to our Southern Florida date ideas, click here, but if you want tips on how to plan your own, keep reading!)

A couple notes about the Third Date Zone – it doesn’t actually have to refer to specifically your third date. Everyone’s relationships progress at different paces. There are no hard and fast rules about how long to ‘wait’ between dates, or how fast to date, etc.  So long as you are being healthy and honest with yourselves and each other, relationships are allowed to be as unique as the people in them! By “third date zone” we mean when:

  • There’s hope this person could be a serious relationship contender
  • Trust has been building
  • You know a bit about each other’s interests
  • But you want to know so much more


Maybe you already read our article on first date ideas here in Southern Florida, but if you missed it, here are the spark notes: you want to pick relaxing, conversation-friendly dates focused on learning about each other.  Essentially, you’re discovering if you’re both compatible at your best.

But once you get past that early part, you can start to explore your compatibility outside of your ‘best.’ How do you both handle getting a little competitive? Play beach volleyball with some friends and find out!  How do you handle being outside your element together?  Go for a morning hike and end it with a bottomless mimosa brunch to reward yourselves!  How about spending more than a few hours together at a time? Or a more intimate, home-cooked dinner date? This is when you can start to get really creative with date ideas.

Best of all, you can show off that you’ve been paying attention to your date’s interests by incorporating them into your date plans!  Is your date a more traditional man who loves romantic dinners? Then focus on exploring bold cuisines or restaurants with interesting locations and views.  Or is she a wildlife lover? Visit some of Florida’s countless nature preserves or goof off at an aquarium…

So without further ado, our top picks for “Third Dates” in Southern Florida

#5. Watch a Florida Panthers game. Sporting events are great because they’re fun, light-hearted, and a little competitive (get your cute sports banter going). And hockey is excellent because the games are fast and easy to understand for even the most casual of sports fans, and tickets are not expensive in Florida!

#4. Day away at the beach. Better to save seeing each other in swimsuits for a third date, but otherwise a beach day should be soothing and relaxing!

#3. Get physical. Try something that’ll get your heart rates up! Horseback riding, ninja warrior training, ice skating (even out of season!)… There’s an endless list of opportunities to do something that gets the blood pumping, and the chemistry going.  Feeling extra bold? Aim for something with high adrenaline (indoor sky-diving is popular!) to encourage the libido.

#2. Take a half-day trip. A full day trip or weekend getaway is still a little much this early. But a nice leisurely day of kayaking at Oleta State Park? Perfect!

#1. Plan a picnic in the park. Romantic picnics take a personal touch, and a good sense of humor. It may seem like a classic romantic choice, but there are a lot of natural elements out of your control! We recommend a sturdy blanket, a few extra pillows (for sitting comfort), and simple finger foods like fruits, veggies, and cheeses—and chocolate.

Remember, building further trust and intimacy involves putting yourself out there, so try out more varied dates to explore this budding relationship even more. Happy dating!