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Dating Body Language

The rise of dating apps like Tinder and Bumble have enabled people to hide behind screens and forget the basic body language cues that we used to know.  In response, more and more blogs and online dating websites have been publishing articles of dating body language tips.  Add to this mix increasing neuroscience studies about body language, and you have a trend that’s made TEDtalks on body language like Amy Cuddy’s go viral. But the problem is, most of these websites are reciting the same tired facts of every other website without giving you any depth or context for the information.  That’s where we at Elegant Introductions come in.


They can give you the most commonly referenced fact that communication is 80% visual and 20% verbal. But can they explain the different ways your brain processes such visual vs. verbal information? Visual input goes to two parts of our brain, the midbrain and the visual cortex. While the visual cortex is responsible for conscious sight, the midbrain transmits information straight to the amygdala—our lizard brain, responsible for emotions such as lust, hate, and lust—at a more unconscious level.  Meanwhile, processing language takes more steps, as sensory stimuli must be converted to conscious speech comprehension and moved through multiple regions in the brain including limbic, parietal, and towards your frontal lobe.

To put it more succinctly: visual communications (like body language cues) are processed first by the brain, the input is taken to the instinctual and emotional amygdala, and this results in a powerful, emotional first impression that establishes attraction. Verbal communication is processed more slowly through multiple parts of the brain, but will result in an intellectual connection more likely to turn that first emotional response into a long-term relationship. We can tell you how to use those commonly repeated facts to your advantage

They can give you information that you can find on Psychologyworld.com.

We can give you a licensed psychologist and PhD, Nancy Gold, who can personalize body language tips and interpretations to your life and experiences.  After all, an introvert will not send the same signals that an extrovert will, so interpreting their cues takes a nuanced understanding of their personality. Want an example? See our article about the most common body language tips where we go more in-depth than bullet-point lists about ‘smiling’ and ‘eye contact.’

They can give you faux-motivational sentiments and buzzwords and click-bait.  With more and more professionals staying single for longer, career-oriented singles are a desirable demographic for online websites and marketers. But the problem is it takes more than telling you about it to help you master it.

We can give you actual romantic opportunities and practice. Our professional matchmakers meet with you, rather than providing general advice for an anonymous Internet audience, and take the time to help you clarify your relationship goals and challenges.  We believe the more you understand what you are looking for, the clearer and more unified the messages both your body language and your words will send.  And we will actually put you on a date with compatible matches where you can put your body language skills to the test, and develop them even further.