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26 meaningful things to do after a divorce | Elegant Introductions

26 meaningful things to do after a divorce, from 26 people who’ve been there

The bottom line is this: right after a divorce, it’s best to take time for yourself. Do some things you’ve always wanted to do, but your ex hated. Go to a movie by yourself and discover you can actually enjoy it.

One of the respondents here shares one helpful thing to avoid: dating on the rebound. As matchmakers, we hear stories about this all the time. They thought this would be fun and carefree, but it rarely was. Here’s why. When you date on the rebound, you’re pretty much just thinking about your own needs. You’re not really focusing on what your date wants. And if you’re dating on the rebound just to get back at your ex, then you’re not even thinking about yourself. Your thinking about revenge, and while that idea may be momentarily satisfying, it’s never healthy to make someone else jealous.

Healthy dating is all about mutual interests, even at times when you don’t necessarily want a serious relationship. At Elegant Introductions, one of the first things we help divorces with is to find out whether they are really ready for dating again. Call us at 305-615-1900 or contact us for more information.