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Why love hopefuls are going “old-school” in the era of online dating apps

Matchmakers vs. Tinder Why love hopefuls are going “old-school” in the era of online dating apps

Matchmakers vs. Tinder – Why love hopefuls are going “old-school” in the era of online dating apps

Dating Apps

You’d think we’re in the Golden Age of the Single Person, based on the numbers (and the pop songs).  According to the US Census in 2014, there were upwards of 107 million single adults.  Thanks to changing social norms and attitudes, we’re not so judgmental of the single ladies and divorced partners; after all, 1.7 million are divorced annually, 1 million widowed, and 40 million never married.  Of those who are getting married, they’re doing it 6 years later than their grandparents’. Add our modern technology that puts a plethora of potential partners at your fingertips (literally), and you’d think we’d have a smorgasbord of romance in this modern age.

And yet, most of these single adults are feeling unfulfilled in the current dating world, struggling with unmet needs for companionship and love.  Contrary to the actually intended “game” design of many of these dating apps (we’re not kidding, people designed them to be like gambling), online dating is starting to feel like a job to many, or worse, like an unpaid internship with no success in sight. Online dating fatigue is quickly becoming a much-blogged-about relationship syndrome.  Despite fading stigma and the power of the almighty Internet, online dating feels more like binge-eating empty romance calories than making meaningful connections.

Meanwhile, matchmakers have been growing, modernizing, and biding their time.  Sure, matchmaking may be one of the oldest professions, but that doesn’t mean they’ve stayed old-fashioned. If anything, the flaws of online dating have exposed new opportunities for matchmakers to thrive…

Matchmakers can do what algorithms can’t when it comes to narrowing your dating pool and saving you time.

This goes beyond reviewing matches for you.  In order to find a true match, you have to first know what your real dating needs and desires are.  Professional matchmakers can coach you through that self-discovery, help you move past former disappointments, and overcome your unique obstacles. Then, they screen their (often elite) roster of professional singles for tailored matches.  No more sketchy catfishing scenarios, millions of first dates, or guessing personalities from a 200-character bio—the legwork is handled for you.

Dating apps don’t help develop your dating game—if anything they foster bad dating behavior.

According to Pew, nearly 31% of users believe online dating keeps people from settling down, because there’s always another option down the line.  Online dating relies on a consumer-driven attitude towards relationships, the idea that you should test-drive endless products to find the “best” partner.  This fosters short-attention-span dating—maybe you’ve seen a date secretly swiping underneath the table. Maybe you’ve even done it yourself.

Professional matchmakers understand dating is a process, and they help throughout the whole thing!

We don’t leave you out to dry once the dating begins. At full service companies like Elegant Introductions, date coaching and post-date follow-ups are part of the process.  Maybe you’ve been working nonstop and haven’t had a chance to develop you dating skills, or maybe you’ve been in a committed relationship for a long time and need a refresher course in modern dating. Whatever the reason, matchmakers help you build the skills to make a real connection.

At the end of the day, we are all looking for rewarding companionship. Rather than rely on frustrating dating apps, look to real experts (our winning combination is a trained psychologist and a philanthropic networker/community leader!) and see if you don’t have better luck.