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How to Plan a Brilliant Date | South Florida's Dating Coach & Matchmakers

Matchmaker Advice on How to Plan a Brilliant Date


how to plan a brilliant date

Coming up with a great date idea is actually a multifaceted challenge.  There’s:

  • Picking a date activity that makes you feel confident and optimistic. After all, dates can be nerve-wracking, but if you pick something you’re excited to do, it’ll bring out the best in you! And as you may have seen in our previous articles, setting up some schedule restrictions (for first dates especially) will also help you worry less about the outcome! But be careful not to go too far, and pick an activity where you’ll be too busy showing off to pay attention to your date, or something too short where it seems like you’re brushing them off.
  • Picking something that sends the right message. Another famous matchmaker describes coffee dates, drinks, and dinner dates as all having very different connotations. Every heard of “Netflix and chill?” For whatever reason, certain dates have come with certain implications about how seriously you take this partner.  The ideal first date for someone looking for a long-term relationship is one that sends the message you are open-minded, but serious about finding a partner. It suggests mutual respect, a pursuit of more than just physical chemistry, and the sense that you are ready to prioritize a relationship, but not that you expect this new date to be that perfect person! After the first date you can get more personalized and “break” those dating “rules” as you get to know each other. Which leads us to…
  • Picking a date activity appropriate to how many dates you’ve had. This is the trickiest, and in our following articles, we’ll break down date ideas into categories based on duration of dates. After all, someone who’s never met you may not want to take a kayaking day-trip and picnic dinner with you just yet, but someone who’s been dating you a while may want something more unique than another coffee date!
  • Picking something that gives your date a chance to shine. You’re there to get to know them! If you pick something all about you, or that makes your date feel incredibly uncomfortable, they won’t be able to open up and build chemistry with you. This is hard when you have never met the person before (unless our matchmakers have already selected a compatible date for you!), so many people play it safe on a first date.  But in general, take into consideration what will make your date feel good. They’ll feel wanted and appreciated when you show you care about their comfort and interests.
  • Picking something creative and not overdone. You want to stand out! This doesn’t mean pick something weird just for the sake of being weird; that comes off as phony and unattractive. Often, we recommend starting with a generic date idea and personalizing it. Like to go walking? Pick a park that means a lot to you or is close to home.  Classic dinner? Pick your favorite diamond-in-the-rough or a bold cuisine.

With all this to think about, it’s no wonder people stress about coming up with good romantic date ideas.  One of the not-so-well-known perks of working with a matchmaker is that we help take the guesswork out of a good date.  For instance, you may not know your date’s personality yet, but Barbara knows her clients inside and out, and she can help guide your date ideas so they suit both parties.  Nancy can help you do some soul-searching to find what date environments best foster the success of your relationship goals. But if you aren’t working with a matchmaker just yet, don’t fear! We’ve got you. Check in again next week for our top first date ideas for Southern Florida!